Sharing of abundance during a flood

Growing up in Eatonsville on the Orara River in Regional NSW, meant flooding was a part of life.

It always caused a lot of excitement for my sisters and I in the knowledge that a decent flood would mean 7 days cut off from town and thereby school.

Floods would mean visits to and from neighbours, the exploring of dams and flooded creeks and the swollen river.

For some reason mum was always the last one to get home. It was always a long process of getting bogged in the old Hilux, a boat or a tractor to retrieve her and very importantly the groceries from the other side.

It was time spent with family, with electricity if we were lucky, and time getting to know our neighbours.

When our electricity turned off or the pantry was getting low we would take our melting ice cream and pool resources with our closest neighbour (who also had a reliable generator).

In the spirit of sharing and the current floods we are running a giveaway on the Leigh Suzie Art instagram and FB pages. Simple to enter, just like, follow and tag your neighbours on Insta or FB.

Happy floods everybody. May your pantries be full and your electricity unfailing.